K&D Mystery  Series

by Tyler Mallone

The setting for this series is a fictitious town in the resort community of Bear Creek, situated high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Kelly and David Madison, brokers and owners of K&D Realty moved here to avoid the crime in the big cities. Bear Creek seemed to fit all of their hobbies: flying, sailing, skiing and hiking. Delighted in the casual and friendly atmosphere, they bravely struggle with the heavy winters, don boots and hats and learn to sell houses in the high country. A snow shovel and pepper spray for bears becomes part of their equipment.  However, they are not prepared to handle a murderer. Join them in their flying adventures as they take you to small airports and mountain lodges in search of clues.


Books published so far:

  Murder in the Mountains - Tyler Mallone

  And To You I Bequeath - Tyler Mallone

  Death of a Hand - Tyler Mallone

Short Stories:

 For Sale Fully Furnished - Tyler Mallone

 Don't Go In The Basement - Tyler Mallone

Bent Twig - Tyler Mallone