About the Authors




Maureen and Danny Motola have traveled Baja and the Sea of Cortez by plane, by boat and by truck. They discovered the lovely bay of San Luis Gonzaga in 1970 while exploring the area by boat and returned to build a vacation home there. Here they met the owner, Alfonsina, and wrote her biography.


Both are pilots, sailors, scuba divers and real estate brokers (they owned Mountain Resort Properties in Truckee, CA). They now divide their time between WA and AZ writing mystery novels, based onwhere elsethe Mountains and the Sea of Cortez.


Maureen, writing under the pseudonym of Tyler Mallone, writes her K&D Mystery series based on their experience of selling real estate in the mountains. Kelly and David of K&D Realty become sleuths when they discover a body in one of their listings.


Danny writes his McGraw/O'Grady PI Series based in Baja; Roberto McGraw brings to the reader the culture and food of Mexico while Jessica O'Grady shares her love of flying as the two investigate murders, aided, of course, by their trusty all-black Great Dane, Spade. In addition to mysteries, Danny has written two non-fiction novels depicting his colorful background and his home-grown philosophy.


Books published so far:


Murder in the Mountains - Tyler Mallone

And To You I Bequeath - Tyler Mallone

Death of a Hand - Tyler Mallone

For Sale - Including a Body - Tyler Mallone

Don't Go in the Basement - Tyler Mallone


Murder Spoken Here (Se Habla Murder) - Danny and Maureen Motola

Murder on the Rock Pile - Danny Motola

Murder on the Sea of Cortez - Danny Motola


Alfonsina a Baja Legend - Maureen and Danny Motola

Coming to America - Danny Motola

And What You've Danced  - Danny Motola